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a+s works on the farm aims to provide dance artists with an opportunity to challenge the creative process, supporting a re-envisioning of how dance can and should exist in our world.  for one weekend every summer, a+s works opens the farm to artists to question, discuss, move, and wholeheartedly work, culminating in a comprehensive piece made within the span of the festival.  on the farm also hopes to share serious, thoughtful, and challenging art with the community which is the homeland of this creative retreat.
this year on the farm will take place
2013 Monday July 29 - Saturday August 3rd

a+s works is thrilled to announce a new partnership for this year's festival. this year, our performances and community events will be held at The Belfry, an artist-run exhibition venue located in the former Spencer Methodist Church. with the support of it's directors, Ian McMahon and Ashley Lyon, we will collaborate to foster opportunities for the community to come together in the act of art-making. learn more about The Belfry at


we are also proud to be sponsored again this year by the City of Hornell, with the support of Mayor Shawn Hogan. we look forward to working with the community to establish on the farm as a strong, annual tradition and a destination for the Arts in New York State.

stay tuned for more details coming soon!
on the farm calendar
Monday July 29th-Wednesday July 31st
create: dance
youth workshop*
1-4PM Community Arts Center
email to register children ages 10-18
Monday July 29th
create: music
community workshop**
7:00 PM The Belfry
Wednesday July 31st
discover: dance
community workshop**
7:00 PM The Belfry
Thursday August 1st
youth workshop performance
7:00 PM Community Arts Center
Saturday, August 3rd
experience: performance
featuring a+s works and visiting dance artists with music by Kurt Johnson
7:00 PM The Belfry
$5 entrance fee
**All workshops free and open to the public
*week-long youth dance-making workshop
free ages 10-18 yrs of age
to reserve tickets for performances please email providing your name and the number of tickets (to be paid for at the door). to inquire about registering your child for the youth dance making workshop email with 'youth workshop' in the subject line.
children must be between the ages of 10-18, the community arts center is located in broadway mall in the old ponderosa building.
The Belfry is located at 406 canisteo street (the former spencer methodist church).
stay tuned for more details coming soon!
in 2010, a+s works launched the fledgling on the farm festival. we were honored to be joined by a group of dance artists from New York and San Francisco, who tested the waters of Ellis Farms. that year our mission was born, as the festival artists joined together to lay the foundation of a new creative home, challenging their own approach to dance-making in a collaborative, open environment. the weekend culminated in a thoughtful dance work made entirely at the farm, which was presented to the community and opened for discussion on how, why, and from where the work developed. this began the conversation with the Hornell community, and from there a+s works continues to build what for us is an opportunityto question what it means to be an artist working in collaboration with those we share our community with, and how that relationship can foster a re-imagining of why we make dance in the first place.

since 2010, our mission has grown as the community has embraced the festival. during what is now a week-long event, a+s works also offers dance-making workshops for local dancers, guiding young dancers in finding their creative voice. with the support of the Hornell YMCA, we also offer free community dance-making workshops, inviting members to involve themselves in the creative process and to foster the idea that art-making is available for all. the conversation that happens in this workshop becomes the inspiration for the dance work that is created by the festival artists, so the festival work is grounded in a connection with the community which hosts us.

a+s works would like to thank Belfry Arts, the Hornell Community Theatre, Hornell Area Arts Council, the City of Hornell and Mayor Hogan in particular for their incredible support.
thefield a+s works is proud to be a Field sponsored artist. you can make a tax-deductable donation for the farm by clicking here.

to donate by check, please make checks payable to "The Field," and send c/o Audrey Ellis, 223 Troutman St. Apt 3L Brooklyn NY 11237
at the Ellis Fruit Farm
hear from our artists!

Somewhere between our rigorous commitment to making innovative dance, and the tenderness of doing so on the Ellis family farm, something shifted in me at A+S works: I felt very grounded and inspired.
It feels empowering to use our minds and bodies peacefully, poetically, and practically, and doubly so to share it with others. Making dance in the places we live and with the people of our community plants the creative experience in reality. This is the practice of community art. This should happen everywhere.

- Lindsay Stegeman Levesque,
San Francisco dance artist

If you could suddenly recreate the world of dance into it's best possible form, what would it look like? I'm still not sure, but I know that "On The Farm" is certainly a huge step in the right direction. Last year a+s works "On The Farm", not only gave me the singular most potent moment of performance I have ever experienced, but also completely redefined the way I looked at the structure of the 'dance world' and my possible roles in it.

-Charles Gushue,
NYC dance artist

Participating in the inaugural A+S Works "On The Farm" festival this past summer afforded me an opportunity to create new work with respected peers. Our performance for the Hornell community and sharing new dance as part of a premier with A+S Works was a high point!! The feedback and praise from those who attended was a sure sign that there is excitement surrounding the startup of this annual festival. I'll be Back!!

~ Alexis Iammarino,
Community Artist based in Rockland, Maine